Imagine the possibility…

… of becoming a non-smoker in two hours!cropped-smoker.jpg

And not replacing it with food… you won’t need to, because with this hypnotherapy protocol we don’t replace the smoking with another habit, we simply erase the inner smoking program that you have had for 1, 5, 10, 20… or more years.

I bet you have tried to quit before- did you wean yourself off or go cold turkey?  Maybe you tried nicotine replacements or a step program… And maybe you have quit for a while…   Quitting using only your conscious mind can be like herding cats! Ugh! So frustrating and crazy making… and yet there is a part of you that knows IT’S TIME.  Time to stop giving your money, your health and your happiness to the tobacco companies.  Time to take back CONTROL.


Hypnosis is a proven way to help people give up their inner smoker.  Under hypnosis we upgrade old programs that are telling you that smoking is providing you with something valuable, we educate the subconscious mind to all that smoking does, and then we strengthen the program of your Inner Non-Smoker.  Lastly we delete the programs that want to keep you smoking.

If you are ready… if you really want to stop smoking, it can be as simple as a two hour session.  Being willing to be hypnotized alone will not make you stop smoking. Hypnosis can help your powerful subconscious mind making the authentic choice to stop and over 85% of clients do stop after one 2 hour session.  These are non-smokers for life!  You can imagine that… being a non-smoker for life?
A small percentage of clients need up to 3 sessions over the months that follow.  If a client is needing a third session then we look a little deeper:  who wants you to stop?  You?  Your doctor?  Your partner?  Or perhaps there are very strong emotions attached to those cigarettes… and we can help  with that as well.  Are you ready?

….Let’s do this thing!